Hi! I'm Will

San Francisco, CA

I'm a Software Engineer at Google currently based in San Francisco, California, with experience in JavaScript/Node.js, Ruby, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker, React, and Rails.

Recently, I built Ekko, an open-source framework that provides scalable realtime infrastructure and in-transit message processing for web applications.

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Ekko is an open-source framework that allows developers to easily deploy realtime infrastructure for their applications.

Custom serverless functions provide a flexible, modular way to process messages as they pass through the realtime system.

Checkout the talk we gave at JS Monthly!

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Small Projects

Podcast Guest

Joined Ian Lenny on the Opensourced podcast to discuss the challenges and strategies around improving your software development skills while working full time. Listen Now


Trello-like task management app.

Node.js/Express, MongoDB, React/Redux

Request Bin

RequestBin-like tool for receiving and debugging webhooks.

Node.js/Express, PostgreSQL, Socket.IO, Handlebars.js, TailwindCSS

Ruby Reps

Preloaded executable spaced repetition flashcard app for practicing Ruby methods.

Ruby/Sinatra, ERB, jQuery, PostgreSQL


Reddit-like social message board.

Ruby/Rails, ERB, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Twilio

Dijkstra's Trip

Airline routing application leveraging Dijkstra's algorithm to find the shortest path.

React, JavaScript

Contact Manager

Efficient single page contact manager.

Node.js/Express, JavaScript, jQuery

Price Estimator

iPhone optimized price estimator application to enable salespeople to quickly estimate prices.


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